dasuprint for yourprint-on-demand services

We, dasuprint have been in business for close to 20 years, starting out as a screen printing company and who has progressed through technology as it evolved now using the latest technology for quick printing and giving the best colours possible.

We use 100% biodegradable packaging

Here at DASUPRINT we believe in being a responsible company, why we have invested in biodegradable packaging for our products, these packages are 100% fully compostable
We investigated many varieties of packaging and have found one suitable for our needs & the environment.


We use the Best Digital Technology

We use DTG printing technology , Direct to Garment, this gives a vivid multi colour use and durability, the print will last as long as you
less wastes, faster times & better print Quality all add up to a superior product.

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Top quality

Quality clothing, 100% cotton from leading Brands , Gildan, AS Color

Mix and match

You can choose multiple colours, sizes & brands, your choice

Shipping Aust & NZ

We work with only trusted shipping companies in Australia.